The Second Coming.jpg

The Second Coming

by Thom Stockton

A fitting follow-up to his debut, From the Hometown..., The Second Coming hints at the possibility of he being the next big West Coast rapper since Tupac Shakur. (And why not?) Introducing his known alias, "Mr. Make-it-Happen," Thom illustrates why such a claim is even in question with another surprisingly  star-studded album. Sharing tracks with such favorites as Andre Nickatina (on the title track), Living Legends' great, The Grouch, on the inspiring "Make Believe" and appropriately, The Prime on "Sincerity," as Sapient has produced multiple tracks for Thom to date. Capping it off with appearances from Stockton's local talent, this album was made in the pulse of his Hometown, and further develops the story he began telling earlier in the year.